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our name

The top definitions in the Urban Dictionary for "KITA" are:

1) the most beautiful person on this earth (or any other)

2) the one who you can never help but come back to

This is how we believe you will feel about our products when you use them on yourself or in your home. We also believe this is how others will think of you... It has been proven that sense of smell is more memorable than any of the other senses, so any time someone who knows your scent smells that scent again, they will be reminded of you. Live luxury and make memories.


 our mission

KITA Fragrances’ mission is to ensure that our customers are so delighted with the quality of our products, that we become their number one brand for all their fragrance needs.

our products 

Our focus is always on the strength and quality of fragrance in each of our products.
Our luxury range of ladies' and men's perfumes,  perfume reed diffusers and hand poured luxury perfumed candles enable you to envelop yourself in your favourite aromas. Our range includes inspiration fragrances, a little more traditional (e.g. vanilla) fragrances, essential oils and our own designer range. Luxury bath and body products are also available in the above fragrances for bulk orders.
Personalised corporate gifts and wedding favours are available for a more personal touch, as well as bespoke perfumes for clients who want their own unique scent either for themselves or for their business.

 our promise


We understand that first-time customers may be hesitant to order a fragrance online. We are so confident in our products that we offer a money-back guarantee on all products. Just let us know that you are not happy; we will send a courier to collect the product and we will refund your payment.
In order to achieve our mission, we need you to love us! We can only grow with your trust in our products. We will only sell you the best quality products to keep you coming back for more! 

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 Tanya Parsons - founder Kita Fragrances

Tanya Parsons - Founder of KITA Fragrances